Friday, March 4, 2011

just another thursday.

yesterday i woke up and my husband had both boys downstairs and happy.
automatic treat.

so we played for awhile but then i thought that i should really get into the habit of sleep training #2 with naps... people, this takes discipline.
the discipline of only having like 80 minutes that you can be out of the house a day kind of discipline. sigh...
when it's not nice outside that means i've gotta use my time wisely.

so i got them dressed.
matching.. not dorky matching... cute matching.
it was a proud mom moment.

and no this wasn't on demand.. he actually loves him like this...

so #2 went down for his morning nap.
i started doing stuff on my computer.
#1 wandered off but i knew he was upstairs.
and then it got quiet. so i found him in his room.

has your jaw dropped. because mine did. his closet was destroyed.

#2 woke up. we did errands. we did lunch. and then it was time for nigh night.
but when #1 woke up from nigh-night he was not so happy. How could he not be happy (?) when he had a billion stuffed 'things' in his bed. i'm not lying to you ... there were a billion things.

but yeah know, this is just a average thursday here at our house.;)

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Mama Lindstrom said...

Ahhhhh a day in the life...if it's not one thing it's another :) I'm with you on the nap training thing. Judah has his naps down, but the whole rearranging my day for his sleep is not something I get along with well ;-)