Tuesday, February 8, 2011

the weekly 4.

luke & i had some new year's resolutions. this year we're trying to get them to stick.

but one of them i'm sure will.

it's our weekly 4.

every monday we have a meeting & we talk about 4 things:
- our budget... how's it going?!
- our schedule... let's plan so that we don't forget time together or to work out or to....
- our frustrations... so that we're not 'at' each other during the week... this is the time to voice 'stuff'
- our prayer requests... so we know what's really going on...

it's six weeks strong. it's made a difference. it helps us to be on the same page, the same team... we're supposed to be one;)

so, take it with a grain of salt, tweak it to your liking, but it's helped us to be a duo that not only likes each other but LOVES each other.:)

cheers to a better year,

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Jordan and Jenny Dreyer said...

Kristen, Thanks for sharing :) Jordan and I do something similar and we journal parts of it as well. It is fun to look back on the Lord working in our lives! We are now implementing some of your ideas! Hope you are doing well! Miss seeing you and talking with you! Love, jenny