Friday, February 4, 2011

book review two.

i'm cruisin.... i've read two books already and it's only february 4. but, you have to buy this book, i mean you have to!!!

It was a fast read & it tells a beautiful, true, and moving story about a homeless (& modern day slave) that was loved by people who were the exact opposite of him... wealthy & really with lots of life experiences.

It starts out with every other chapter being written by the rich husband and then the next one by the slave. Then it intertwines the two and then shows how a life that is lived for the Lord can impact many. I can't tell much because I don't want to ruin any of it but I was challenged in my personal faith by this singular question: When I help those in need, who am I doing it for... myself or for the Lord? Don't leave me hanging here, when you've done stuff in the past for those less fortunate... is it to get a checkmark or is it to do it because you feel compelled by the Love of God and would do it if people are looking or not.

This story ultimately shows a couple who could have written a few checks and gotten their spiritual checkmark... but instead they went beyond themselves & sometimes their initial desires (& meanwhile were honest about it) and were taught so many amazing life lessons through those less fortunate. At some points I was laughing, some points crying.... but, if you don't read another book this year... I say read this is the one.

happy reading,

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