Tuesday, February 8, 2011


honestly, the past few days have been well... testy.

i think the lack of sleep has really caught up to me.
sunday wasn't a pretty day for me. honesty, right? i don't mean in looks, although i didn't shower. i mean my heart was in an all out war.

i woke up monday and things were better. luke and i were able to grab breakfast without our lovable but constant-attention-needing 2 year old & it was rather refreshing. monday i came upon psalm 103 in my Bible reading. it talks about not forgetting the benefits of the Lord & praising Him for them.

verse 8 says, "The LORD is merciful and gracious,
slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love."

and i decided i would read psalm 103 all week in addition to my other reading.

today, i woke up and things were going well. i walked with a friend. i had coffee in my system before 9 a.m. & I had studied God's Word.

but, then...
i went to the grocery store. with two small children. let's just say we'll be eating minute chips because they were smashed... it took twice as long because at points both kids were crying... & my headache was throbbing by the time i got home.

as i took my cart to the carrel...which i'm not gonna lie, i haven't done in a while due to having 2 small children & for a ten second break from my adorable children (;)) & i thought of that verse...psalm 103:8 again.

in my flesh i was beyond frustrated, tired, and ready to throw the day into the 'this is a bad day that can't get fixed' bucket but the holy spirit prompted me to choose Christ's example of being merciful, gracious, & slow to anger.

i very-well think that lack of sleep is a major contributor to my attitude but that doesn't mean that I can't ask for the holy spirit's help in choosing his way which is way better than mine!

God is awesome. He can combat this attitude & use it to change me. it's days like these that i realize how much i desperately need him.
pressing on.

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