Wednesday, February 2, 2011

marshmallow hearts

my firstborn has a tender heart. it's also stubborn and onry but it's sensitive. when you reprimand him in a certain tone, it's over or shall i say the melt down has begun.

so, i was perusing the grocery store the other day and saw them... it was like a blue light special at k-mart, it was as if they had a spotlight on them just for me, slightly because they were pink [in which i love everything that color] and because i knew i could use them for something... just not exactly what.

that day was one of those where my creative juices weren't flowing... i think it has to do with the lack of sleep [have i mentioned that on here at all;)] but i just couldn't figure out how i was going to justify buying heart marshmallows... for goodness sake... they are only made out of sugar.

but it struck me, i believe in the shower... isn't that where most good ideas sprout? back to carter... probably about six months ago carter began the scowl... to everyone he came in contact with. if he could kill you with looks, he did. and once he started getting a response from people (like, oh my gosh, that's hilarious) he realized it was 'cute.' well, cute for most people, but when i was the one changing this kid's poopy diapers and he scowling at me... because he thinks it's cute... i wasn't gonna have it.

so, i began asking him one question... do you have a happy heart? because ultimately, it's not about the face he's making but rather about his heart... like his father, he is brutally honest and he will answer that his heart is not happy. but, then i made the connection... happy hearts and heart marshmallows.... perfection.

with the entrusted bible study i have been learning from there is a chart that is suggested for teaching your kids responsibilities around the house etc. but i don't feel carter is ready for it yet... so i thought what if we measured his behavior with the marshmallow hearts... it's very tangible for him and they are decoratively cute and cheap for me:) who doesn't want pink marshmallow hearts?!;)

so, right now when he makes two good choices with a happy heart he gets his marshmallow... & the kid loves them.

like last week he wouldn't eat a carrot and put up an hour fight. tonight he ate like 6 and so i rewarded him with two marshmallows. obviously i'll tweek the plan as we go along but that's what's working for me.

pink heart marshmallows... i knew they'd come in handy!

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