Wednesday, February 2, 2011



was filled with lots of snow.... the number of inches is debatable but i think that when you pass a foot it just counts as A LOT.

so luke & i took turns... like 8 each shoveling our hearts out. this is what we accomplished.

i think i might need to turn in my gift certificates for a massage.. like seriously.

our day was filled with lots of these from mr. reid. ----->

& i even got carter convinced that bundling up to go outside was worth it... it only lasted a few minutes.

brotherly bonding also took place.:)

i actually got to read a book... {one in which i'm almost finished with & can't wait to tell you about!} now, that's a near miracle...

as if i were leading you to believe the day was perfect... once we shoveled all the snow my car wouldn't start... by dinner time we got it going.

dinner was beef stew... the perfect cold day meal.

although it included shoveling & a weary car battery a day at home with my boys is never disappointing:)

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