Monday, January 10, 2011

one book read, check.

i'm proud to say that my reading goal is already underway... one book down and it's only january 10th. i started with the book i got in my stocking... choosing to SEE.

if you haven't read this.. you should.
you will probably cry or tear up when you read it.
but more importantly it will, most definitely put life into perspective.

- loved the real, raw emotion & that it wasn't hyperspiritual or written in 'christianese'
- her raw emotion makes you believe what she says is true about her emotions and more importantly about her faith.
- it seems as though her family takes seriously... those who are given much... much will be expected of. that's cool.

I didn't know what the book would be like. i'd been told it would be good but didn't realize that this loss has given them a deeper & more ready sense for the return of Christ or their departure to their eternal home. i've seen people greive without hope... thankfully, they could greive with hope because they know Christ. It was interesting to hear how it affected their holidays & made them realize more of the suffering of Good Friday and think about the suffering Mary endured as Jesus' mother. Basically, when you miss someone who can light up a room (which most kids can do) it brings the eternal perspective very clear.

Result of Reading... I think Reid and Carter will have to endure a few more hugs and kisses from mommy because life truly is a vapor. I want to live with my family's eternal perspective in mind. I'm prayerful that my children will come to know Jesus at an early age. In the monotony of life as i know it... waking up in the middle of the night, dressing two kids (multiple times a day), changing diaper after diaper, doing loads of laundry and repeat that day after day.... I want to find joy in even those moments... maybe laughing at the boys farting & not forgetting to journal the funny things that happen. those little things were the things that she expressed that she missed the most.

I pray our family has many years to come but only God knows. He is sovereign & although he can take us through trials we wouldn't choose; i know that he knows better than i do. so i'm ok with that.

Refreshingly Real & Perspective Clear,

p.s. have you read it, what did you think?

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BenRen said...

i loved it too! i was in tears as she described the accident moment by moment. "raw emotion" is the perfect description. real truth. real people. real God. :)