Sunday, January 16, 2011

carter's turning two...

so of course we have to have a par-tay (as he says it).

and that means i have to make invitations.

so what are the two things he loves most? nini (candy) & mickey (who he calls bubbles)

my mind was racing on monday. nothin.

tuesday running on the treadmill... still nothin.

tuesday night looking online... and it sparked this idea:) from my brilliant (LOL) mind;)

so here it goes... (i'll keep you posted on the rest of the details;))

the supplies... whirly pops (2.99/ea... eekk! but only had 8 invites), felt .25/sheet- one sheet used, glue gun, computer paper, and double sided tape..

my sidekick, can you see his smile:)

the finished product.

carter saw these and flipped.

hoping for another great party...;)

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