Sunday, November 21, 2010

thankful days 20 & 21.

day 20.

i'm thankful for texting. texting shouldn't be used for communicating all things... especially i'm sorrys, a long conversation, or a lame excuse. but, i think that texting is such a gift to be able to communicate with someone quickly... the other night I really needed some encouragement & a friend was right there texting me & totally did just that.

thankful for unlimited texting plans...

day 21.

i'm thankful for leggings. plain & simple. they're comfortable, they're cute, & as of right now they're fashionable. all great options for me right now when time spent on looking put together... let's face it is at a minimum. so, i know it's just a piece of clothing but hey, i thankful for them.:) (pictured from

what are the simple things you're thankful for today?

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BenRen said...

thankful for... 1. the truth in "my grace is sufficient for you- my power is made perfect in your weakness." Lord knows I'm seeing this verse at work in my job on a daily basis. 2. on the clothing note, long cardigans :) 3. great husbands who do things they know their wife appreciates even if it's not their favorite activity i.e. trash, cleaning, dishes... 4. dwight schrute 5. snail mail!!