Friday, November 19, 2010

thankful days 18, 19, & 20.

thankful day 18.
thankful that carter has a brother.

i think, i hope, & i pray that these two boys will grow up to be best of friends & to love & serve the Lord. i am excited to see what life holds for them.

thankful for boys even though i'm a girly girl:)...

thankful day 19.
thankful to be home.

i love our home. yes, the place is cute (or i've decorated in a way that makes me think so;)) but it's the feel of our home. it's where memories have been made & where we spend a lot of our time. when we got home with reid it was like a euphoric feeling of... i've been waiting so long to show him this place. then carter showed up soon after and it was like he was finally right where he should be... yes there's a baby here now but it's home.

so yes, i like my three bedroom two and a half bath home but the concept of home is what i'm thankful for.

thankful for the comforts & joys of a place where we make memories & do life...

thankful day 20.
i am so thankful that reid gained weight.

yesterday when we were dismissed from the hospital he had lost 11% of his weight... not good.

as luke said yesterday, 'we're not used to this, carter is the kid that is always kind of 'busting out of stuff.' he's just got a solid build. on the other hand i think this is the first difference we're seeing in the two & it's quite alright.

but when we did the weight check at the doctor's office today... just before reid christened the office by pooping and peeing everywhere ... he gained one ounce. yep, just one but in the right direction people!

thankful for ounces...

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The Catheys said...

Thanks for your comment, that's a good way to think about it. I can't believe the same thing happened to you...crazy! Glad Baby Reid is doing well...Carter looks like a proud big brother:)