Sunday, November 7, 2010

thankful day 7.

today i went to the city with my a couple of the senior girl leaders and a bunch of our senior girls and handed out burgers from mcd's, blankets they brought and bibles they brought to homeless around the city of chicago. i want no credit or glory for this. i simply want to tell you that it made me thankful for so many things... so many simple things.... big things too.

so ten things i realized i was thankful for this afternoon that i totally took for granted this morning.

1. i have a house.
2. i have clean clothes on my back.
3. i ate three meals today.
4. i have money in my purse.
5. i have a car to drive & gas to get places.
6. i have socks and shoes.
7. i have a bed to sleep in.
8. i have diapers for my son to wear and plenty to change him into.
9. i have more than one coat to wear when it gets cold & a scarf to go with each outfit.
10. i have a Bible to call my own and to read and a church to go to teach me about it. it is so significant because it gives me more hope than any of these first nine things.

the thing that kept coming to mind was a song we often sing before the offering at harvest...

we have nothing to give that didn't first come from your hands
we have nothing to offer you that you did not provide
every good perfect gift comes from your kind and gracious heart
and all we do is give back to you what always has been yours...

i have nothing that Christ didn't give me first. i hope my life can be an offering of these things back to him. i have far more than i need and i am so thankful. God is good.

abundantly blessed,

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