Saturday, November 6, 2010

thankful day 6/let there be light.

tonight i am thankful for light/power/that i live in the two thousands.

i had all morning to write this blog and didn't. no instead i was looking at birth announcements and christmas cards... might sound lame to you... to me, it's exciting.

ok, but back to the topic: power. i had our night perfectly planned out. after church i had a babysitter meeting me at home. luke was going to hop in another couple's car and i was going to meet them at the restaurant in which we had a coordinating reservation with. the babysitter called me to tell me she was a tad late but would be there soon and everything was going to work out perfect timing wise because i had run late too.....

until- i drove into my neighborhood and although my neighbors don't usually put their outdoor lights on all the lights were off in every house. the further into my neighborhood i drove, i realized that the darker it got. yeah know that feeling of not knowing how dark it is until you're in the dark?!

ok, so i pulled into my house and knew that i had left lights on because i hate coming home to a dark house and there was nothing but an emergency light on that we had outside. perfect [not] babysitter on her way, husband on way to restaurant with friends. go to get milk out of fridge as i let cool air out of the fridge. crap.

so we made do... luke headed home with the couple. i still had the babysitter come. carter was holding up ok in the midst of very little light. but, as we made our plans to get take out.. well i sent the babysitter home and as the men picked up the food the power came on. if you don't have kids yet you will realize when you have little ones that the 'going out' part of going out with a couple [the combination of getting a babysitter with going to the actual restaurant and not being at your home even if your child is sleeping upstairs is one of the bigger parts of the whole deal] so what did we do but find a back up plan for where to take carter and to end up going out to our original restaurant choice.

but, when i was home with my power out i was like... this totally stinks. i like candles a lot. i love the way yankee candle has taken them into a new realm of possibilities but their light compared to my electricity... well, let's be serious... they're simply for ambiance. my poor child wanted to watch a show on tv... no electricity... i like that he likes a show and gets excited to watch it. i also like my fridge and my microwave and that they make my life easier.

wow... i think it's a good thing that i was born in the late 1900's because me and the 1800's or any earlier wouldn't have gotten along. the whole power/electricity thing and i really go well together.

so even though this morning i knew i was thankful for a lot of things, i didn't realize my appreciation for power. it is one great invention. thanks albert.:)

loving that i have lights and a computer and a tv on,

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