Monday, November 8, 2010

thankful day 8.

i am thankful for mondays.

when i worked mondays - they were both exhausting and productive. it was difficult to wake up when i was leaving on my husband's day off and especially hard to leave my little man and my husband for a season. so, i've seen mondays on their worst side & now i would say i've seen them on their best side.

we've established that we do something as a family on mondays. sometimes it's something as simple as a walk to the park or walking around the mall. other times it's driving to a museum or seeing an exhibit somewhere.

we've established that we do a few 'chores' on mondays but nothing extreme. today it was putting together our double stroller. a chore? yes. producing laugher? yes. it made for a good teamwork activity;)

we've established that naps are good and that we can't walk 'loudly' (yes, i have loud feet) around the house when someone's napping. no one's allowed to feel guilty for napping on mondays.

we've established that we have a meal out... usually lunch. this leads to maximum relaxation.

other than that our mondays are pretty open... lately i've had dr. appointments on mondays.. but that has been one more reason to look forward to them. i'm looking forward to introducing our new little one to our mondays.... they're a huge blessing.

i'm thankful for mondays:)

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