Wednesday, November 10, 2010

links of the week

Ok, Here we go! Lot's of links and good ones this week:)

well, here's a start. this is one of luke and my favorite shows. we've taken a liking to the main dude and i thought this was an insightful article about him and his life. i wish that in all this success he could find out who Jesus is because that would make him that much cooler but i think it's a pretty honest write-up and that's worth something. here's a hint: he's a boss. he lives in New Jersey. check it out.

the first small group i was in after we got married i was taught a pivotal truth. whenever i'm battling fear replace with with truth/scripture. this is a great little guide to do exactly that.

i think that time management is an unde - necessity in life and that this offers some good tips to being motivated effectively while still being realistic. check it out.

this even came up as a topic of conversation at our dinner table last night. yes, we talk about blogs at dinner. grin. like the person who wrote the blog, i'm going to stay neutral and not discuss my thoughts but i think there's some good things here.

ok, here's the last one. who wouldn't want to celebrate their birthday like this... i mean should i tell @lukemacdonald to theme my birthday around this... after all this movie has so much more meaning to s, right?! come on,

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Kindra said...

oh that balloon wreath is too cute!