Wednesday, November 10, 2010

thankful day 10.

that i've ummm... no, i haven't had the baby yet. still waiting. excited for the day when i can say i'm thankful i've birthed this little man. the patience meter has been strained the past few days but i'm [attempting, at least] to be thankful even in that.

today i'm thankful for my husband.
i know, i know you're probably like, 'here she goes again...' but truthfully i'm so thankful.

i'm thankful for the fact that we met when we were 14. (both going on 40, if you know us at all you know... this is just how we are, not necessarily maturity-wise but... well i guess you just have to know us)
i'm thankful that we broke up when we did.
i'm thankful that we grew up when we were apart.
i'm thankful we can tell stories about high school and laugh out loud because we totally remember the situations and the people involved and the things that were so dramatic and yet now are so petty.
i'm thankful that when luke knows what he wants he goes for it. like the time i came home for easter break when i was in college and how he told me that he loved he for real and that we would get married in june of 07. ok, luke. and he was right;)
i'm thankful that i transferred schools for him and lost 18 credits in doing so.
i'm thankful that he's a romantic and brings me flowers on random days.
i'm thankful that he's had and continues to have a role of parents who love one another.
i'm thankful that he tells me he loves me everyday.
i'm thankful that he is willing to say he's wrong and do better the next time. that he doesn't want me to have time to think about a fight because he just wants to solve it.
i'm thankful for his energy for work and that he is excited to go to his job everyday.
i'm thankful that on our hard days that he wants to wake up the next day and have a better day with me still as his wife.
i'm thankful that he puts up with me as a nine month pregnant mother and doesn't frown at my crazy requests for food and drinks.
i'm thankful that he's mine.

so today, why don't you thank your husband, or if you're not married your boyfriend or if you're not dating your dad. our world is so filled with gross attempts at husbands and fathers but if you've been blessed with a man (in your life) who cares today... thank him. i think it just might (;)) go a long way.


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