Saturday, September 18, 2010

thoughts on ___________'s secret anyways....

yesterday i went out to my porch and picked up my mail. my mailman or woman walks by foot to each mailbox and so on the nice fall day that yesterday was i was thinking they must really enjoy their job. days like today... hmm, not so much. i feel bad for them & my mail; they have one thing in common: they always both get soaked when it rains. but that's not what this post is about... that's just ramblings for free;)

back to my mail. i got the regular mortgage rate piece of mail & a fisher price catalog -- woot woot - LOL, very lame like you can imagine but i got another piece of mail from that under garment store that yes, i am a consumer of. if you look at the title of this post i am sure you can gather which one i'm talking about. i recognize that their products are well made and i stand by them but the mail, yeah i'm not as thrilled with.

i laid my eyes on this mail and all i could think was: whose secret are they trying to hide??? they're not hiding anything??? everything is very obvious and the pictures... aren't they selling their stuff to women?! I mean seriously, although men might want to look at this stuff they're not going to wear the panties or bras... come on, really?

then, i looked over my shoulder. who was sitting next to me but carter jude macdonald. my 19 month old son whose precious eyes could see this. what did i do? well of course the same thing that most moms (i hope) would do... i hid the piece of mail. why would i want to desensitize my son's eyes into thinking that this is something that's ok to look at. hmmm...

i surely don't want my husband to see this mail, i don't really even think it's worth the free coupon. no less do i want him walking by the store in the mall. does he, yes. i think it would be stupid to think we can shield all things sinful in the world from our lives. but, when i started to think about it i don't want to be desensitized by the same things that i don't want the boys/men (of which there are 3) in my life to be. those pictures should be disgusting to me... & for what but to sell me undergarments I probably going to buy anyway?

i guess it just got me thinking. i don't want my kids to be desensitized to the world, i don't want my marriage to be desenstized to the world, I don't want my mind desensitized to the world. because it's just a slow fade to things that i don't want in my life at all.

will i still be a consumer of their goods, probably. i just refuse to have their mail come to my house anymore. yes, these thoughts are candid but i think that sometimes that's better than thoughts that have a pretty bow on the top. does this seem extreme? maybe. i promise i won't judge you if i'm at your house and i see a piece of mail on your kitchen table from them, this is my personal conviction. so take it or leave it for yourself.

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