Wednesday, September 15, 2010

newly picked apples.

apples. can't you just taste them? i'm eating one right now as i write this and my little carter can't stop eating them... he's eaten two to their very core in the last two days! literally just pieces left!

we ventured all the way to royal oaks [which by the way is totally worth the distance] through carter's 'whoa's' and 'wee's' on the way there... a.k.a. his new favorite words.

we used a wagon this year.... not sure why we didn't last year, it was free?! this made the ride super enjoyable for all of us.

carter kept running in the fields which was glorious for he and momma... he never went far and that was the beauty of monday at the apple farm... few people were there, hallelujah! the song 'wide open spaces' kept ringing in my ears. but don't worry we won't move to the country anytime soon!

every once in awhile carter would grab an apple & then he found the goods when he bit into it... he literally couldn't stop. as finicky of an eater as he is it is so joyful to find a healthy food he devours.:)

once we got our load of apples we found a train ride. expectant mothers aren't allowed [bummer;)] so it was daddy & his treat.

a family picture in front of the train was a must... you can see his younger bro is growing!

i loved that this was a memory that we had from last year that we could reminisce about and that this year was even better. i love traditions!

so... i'll be making apple pie and applesauce but do any of you have any good apple recipes?! if so please share!

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