Sunday, September 19, 2010

harvest turns 22.

i love my church. i love the people that go there. i love that jesus christ is boldly proclaimed. i love the fact that God has used this place in my life to draw me closer to himself. i love that i got married there. i love seeing baptisms & people testify of God's grace and love in their life. i love what God is doing in & through the youth group. i love what He's doing in & through the women's ministry. i love serving in the children's ministry & seeing the adorable faces of the next generation. i love a lot of things about the church... it's jesus's church and jesus is the one doing the work there... yes there are earthly vessels working there and getting used there... but all of the credit goes to HIM!

i get to be part of this great church & yet i never really celebrate it. on my wedding anniversary i totally celebrate... so why wouldn't i also celebrate now?!

here's to many more years of harvest bible chapel & many more professions of faith!

Praise God for he is good!

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