Sunday, September 12, 2010

part of the 21 century...again:)

as i told you a few weeks earlier my computer situation had been changed... but i am happy to announce it's been fixed (thanks to my dear husband & a handy man). i could just about sing the hallelujah chorus over this! i didn't realize how displaced i felt to not have my desktop set up and ready to go on the internet. i have internet on my phone and yet i found every excuse in the world to not use it because, well it's just hard to send a detailed email without a keyboard. but..... guess what?! life....goes.....on....!

we've got ava back in our lives on a two-day a week basis which is great fun for carter and for me!

we're back in the swing of our couples small group where we're going to be studying the book Respectable Sins. We're both super excited about...

I'm co-leading the Entrusted with a Child's Heart Bible study on Wednesday mornings for moms from harvest & others around the area... which i couldn't be more excited about...(please sign up at

i'm roughly 9 weeks away from giving birth to our 2nd little boy...which is emotional depending on the day, exciting....definitely, and a bit overwhelming but followed immediately with excitement. it's feeling like reality these days.

my sister-in-law is due to give birth any day...come on' baby groves:)

we've had some fun family fun days...(cosley zoo!)

and well, the thing i am counting down the hours to today is high school ministry starting up... it's exactly 3 hours and 26 minutes from the moment i'm typing these keys... it's gonna be a great year.

call me crazy;) but i had missed my small group girls so much that i hung out with them last night. it was one of the darling's birthdays & so i couldn't resist going to church with them, going out to eat & well inviting them back to my house. i honestly would do just about anything for these girls and i have seen such immense growth in their lives... it's truly a gift from God to be part of all of it.

this also means i'll have a weekly post on mondays of Luke's sermon. He'll be going through the sermon on the mount... the title of the series is upside down and i'm hoping and praying that it will have that same impact in the students' and leaders' lives alike.

that's a bit of an update with us, i'm excited to be back!

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