Tuesday, August 10, 2010

you know you're a leader when...

- you walk into the bathroom and the girls stop talking. i mean complete chatter to utter silence. [yep my pregnant, i'll be in here a lot.]

- you find boys near the girls cabins & they're asking where the showers are [even though you act clueless, i can read into what you're saying here]

-you pull up to the camp in the dark after being at the hospital with a student and a kid comes and bangs on your windows to scare you. it is then followed up with a lesson on disrespecting authority. [didn't i promise myself i wouldn't be like that?!]

-you laugh hysterically in your head when you overhear kids talking dreadfully about the fact that their parents 'hack' into their facebook [i'm thinking to myself, if you only knew... you have very good parents]

- at a dance party you only know 3, yes 3 of the songs. [did i mention they are from your prom?!]

- you're debating whether or not you should talk to students about their choice of clothing... particularly sofee shorts [and you remember the days you used to wear those shorts]

yep... being a leader has it's perks...glad i'm back to full time motherhood to a 1 1/2 year old and that i'm having two boys... yep, boys.


dani and joey snare said...

haha love this and love you.

I got one:

- or when your girls stay up so late you want to kick them out of the cabin. [and then you realize you did the same thing years ago and start to feel bad for your past camp leaders]

Jeremy & Allison Eichmann-Helfrich said...

i still wear soffe shorts to workout. the way i see it, sis, is that there are only a handful of years left that i can pull of short shorts. i'm riding that wave as long as i can.

Renee said...

haha i LOVE this!

1. i still own multiple pairs of soffee shorts and have dance parties alone in our apartment in them.

2. missed being at camp with you this year, KG