Tuesday, August 10, 2010

18 months old...

the life of an 18 month old is pretty ideal. i found this when i was writing out his schedule for when he was at camp and our parents were taking care of him... it consists of eating, playing, snacking, playing, sleeping, eating, playing, snacking, playing, eating, bathtime (more play) and then bedtime... no less than 12 hours of course;) sounds pretty great to me... especially when you are as loved as this little chump is, wink wink.

i took him for his 18 month check - up [just as we are going to every 6 month visits we're about to start up with a new baby:)] and we found out that he's growing up...literally!

he's in the 75th percentile for height, weight, and head circumference & he's finally begun calling me 'meme' (quite endearingly, i may add!). the poor little man had to get four shots and one finger . the biggest tragedy of it all was the fact that he had to wear a bandaid on his finger [did i mention he s feeling constrained by anything, even a bandaid... receiving a sucker at check-out was the quickest distraction i found and it worked perfectly].

i also realized after getting my glucose test yesterday and drawn that he had reason to cry about the shots. but as parents we do what's best for our children and not what's easiest, right. yet again hebrews strikes again:) (check chapter 12 verses 5-11 out).

loving being a mom,

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