Friday, August 13, 2010

what we're up to today....

by 9:30 we had a visitor...

my grandpa & carter's great grandpa... better known as poppy stopped by. he's in town for a family wedding... so it was quite a treat to have him!

i also went by our hooks by the back door

and was so excited to remember that we're a two car family again! God totally made this provision for us!

luke has the day off today so we decided to make it a productive day and get moving on carter's big boy room. we're doing this kind of backwards to get him comfortable in there sooner rather than later. it was slightly confusing to him but... here he is at a little table in his new room.

you can see the progress that needs to be made... this used to be my ... put things here if you don't know where they go room.. notice bridesmaid dress and rubbermaid containers:)

here's his old room and the baby's new room...

and here's where the crib used to be...

crazy to think this is all happening but i've never been so excited about it!:)

A great start to a great day!

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