Thursday, August 12, 2010

bagagge ----> healed

packing up 3 people for 8 days has become something that isn't so intimidating, i do the best i can and if we're all clothed & clean i feel pretty good about it. but, when we could barely zip the bag that luke's stuff had gotten into because of the zipper i was thinking... time to invest in some new luggage.

the power shopper in me got this luggage a year into marriage at a garage sale... a set of 3 for $10... in my book that's a steal. so, needless to say parting with this luggage has been sentimental for me. no, i'm not a hoarder... it was already on the front lawn this morning with the rest of the garbage but i did think about all the trips that the luggage accompanied us on... if only it could talk.... like the time i packed rice cereal for carter on our trip to italy and when i opened it up rice cereal was on everything, yep... clothes, diapers, you name it;) or when it would come home from camp harvest full of stinky clothes... i guess the list could go on and on...

but, then it started to make me think about the baggage we all carry around. and how we talked about healing at camp last week and how my mind can get so easily entangled in the thoughts that I should give to God.

there are lots of messages I hear spoken from the Word of God that pierce my heart to the core and allow me to realize the changes needed in my life but I would say a much fewer percentage that make me cry, really cry. the message on healing was one of them. that's why I have to share these four points with you...aren't you sick of the baggage (the constant rock you carry around?)
- Everyone needs to be healed [of guilt, circumstances (chosen & unchosen), a sense of self-sufficiency... the list could go on and on ]
-Your healing can't be earned.
-Healing comes in unexpected ways... God's way & His timing.
-Healing reveals the healer (let's stop calling it vague names like 'everything happens for a reason' or the universe is on my side... it's God revealing himself to us.

If you need healing, you can be healed. Remember who you are because of who your FATHER IS. Jesus already paid for all of it.

so, yep... these thoughts all started with an old, tattered piece of baggage. But, as I type this I am healed of feelings of hurt and things I've been dragging around behind my back that have finally been 'checked-in' to the only Healer that can meet my every need. Why don't you check your baggage too?

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