Wednesday, August 18, 2010

it all started 10 years ago....

you know the outfit you save so that you can wear it the day that it counts... yep, that's what i did.

i walked into fremd high school with my friend to figure out how to find my way around high school.

i 'happened' to run into two friends that day that were walking around with this really cute, tall guy.... i assured myself he was older and that i didn't have a chance.

his name was luke macdonald. the facts i knew about him were: he was one of the pastor's kids at the church my family went to, he played basketball, & well he was so cute.

hmmm... now that i think about it, i don't think it was by 'happen stance.' i totally believe that 'happened' to be ordained by God.

that's right, i met my husband 10 years ago today at freshman orientation at fremd high school. i can say that ten years later:
-he is still a jesus freak (have always loved that about him)
-he is passionate about the things he does
-he loves his family
-he's my best friend
-we're both a lot older and wiser.

i think i'm the lucky one.:)


Lindsey Lindstrom said...

Congrats friend!!! Jon and i are celebrating 10 years of being together (dating and marriage) too!! Post some
Freshman year of high school pictures!!!

Jeremy & Allison Eichmann-Helfrich said...

I, your big sis, was with you when you saw him. Right by the cafeteria. You must not remember because you were in Lala Land staring.

Jeremy & Allison Eichmann-Helfrich said...
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