Thursday, July 8, 2010

there is a season for everything...

for us.... we've just recently headed into the season titled,

'the one car family.'

we can do it. i know we can. i know there's days i'm going to hate it but those days i'm gonna say over and over to myself, 'this to shall pass.' there's going to be days where i'm gonna have to get creative & i believe carter and i will be better for it. i believe at the end of this season shall be something great.... perhaps a car that doesn't have lots of issues and that's birthdate doesn't end in 1995.

but, shall i dwell on the negative... no, i think not. i think there's a lot of positive to think about. after all, my husband has driven this car for only 3 years (that's when most of the horror stories come from, sorry babe to call you out, after all, you know it's true.)

in 2003, my dad traded an old jeep of my family's in for this white toyota camry. i was going into my junior year and this car had a cd player, sun roof, and gas tank.... it was my ticket to freedom and being able to drive to cheer practice and school. perfect.

that year i also took luke and his two best friends to lunch everyday... wow, those are memories....

during our senior year luke and i were in bible studies at a couple's house and one night he teepeed the car to ask me to prom. romantic? umm, he's had many more more romantic attempts but funny, yes. so yet another memory.

i also took this car to cedarville and drove home many times. being on a campus where it was 15 minutes to the closest... um, anything... this meant freedom too.

then, luke and i got back together & engaged so i transferred to judson. it drove me there everyday faithfully.

about a month before luke and i got married his car got stolen. for some reason the vin number didn't show up in the system until 6 months later and so we were given the insurance money for the car... my sweet husband gave me the new car we got... a cavalier & he drove my car.

labor day 2007 - luke was driving and saw the emergency brake light was on and unfortunately instead of releasing that he released the hood. we replaced it but a black hood was cheaper than a white hood... so let's just go for the fun effect at that point.

summer of 2008 - one day luke was with his brother and the passenger side door refused to close. for awhile he had it bungy-corded and he would have to hold the bungy cord when he turned, safe- no, cost-effective- yes. but when pregnant kristen drove the car just once with this predicament it got fixed the next week. it was soo... dangerous. :)

last summer i am sure there was an issue or two.

this summer the brakes went out a few weeks ago... and then as a prank he had racing stripes painted on... hilarious, yes. ugly- double yes.

i say all these funny stories about luke driving this car, yet i have to say that he has been so kind, and sacrificing to drive this car. it's not the coolest thing (by far) to drive but he has done it because financially that's what was best for us. he is truly a great husband.

so, here we are saying goodbye to this good and faithful car. yet, it has failed us around it's fifteenth birthday- i don't know how much that is in car years but it's been a good run.

i hope these pictures make you smile... they sure make me!:)

aren't the stripes foxy?!

i will admit the stripes are hilarious but the hbc students looks horrific!

luke doesn't look very sad. ;)

yes, this is no lie. there were this many miles on this car!

we had an ice cream celebration after leaving it. carter enjoyed it.

to every season...


Rochelle said...

wow! quite foxy indeed! ;)

this post made me giggle. all the best to you guys.

Mary said...

Matt and I only had one car for our first year of marriage and I miss it! Although it is nice to have the freedom to go your separate ways there is something to being dependent on each other for transportation. I wish I could go back to one car. I hope you enjoy the adventure :)

Janice said...

Kristen, some of your stories about the car are hilarious! Actually, the racing stripes aren't that bad- cute in an odd way! I have had the bungee cord problem with mine too- it is NOT (repeat NOT) fun to have the door decide not to shut in January and know you have over 15km to drive at 80km/h! I've done too many repairs to count, but I appreciate the freedom the car gives me, and I know that you'll find a way to make do as a one car crew. ;)

Renee said...

this one made me laugh out loud. ben and i will have one car in the city next year and we're looking forward to the benefits all of which mary has already listed! good luck in the new season.

i hadn't seen the high school students' additions... HILARIOUS!!