Sunday, July 11, 2010


this weekend at the rolling meadows campus of harvest my man preached the Word on Pride. He used the book of Esther and talked about the poster boy of pride: Haman.

I can't think of a topic that relates to everyone more... i guess sin definitely relates to everyone but then when you start talking about pride or asking the Lord to make you humble... the pride becomes oh so evident. Praise God for conviction to change and his strength and power to do so.

I've heard this message before but last night it hit me in a different way. Luke was talking about how we all want value and to know we are valued and so as soon as some says or does something to us where we feel wronged we start thinking..." don't they know who i am or how much money i have or what position i have... fill in the blank that repeats in your mind...

but, for me this past year i have missed teaching a lot. i mean, a lot. i love my son carter and as i have written about before on the blog of trying to find the balance of being a mom and teacher and wife and pastor's wife was a difficult one for me. therefore, we have made the choice and lifestyle change for me to stay home. but, throughout the year i would find myself longing to go back to the classroom when i was in my fleshly thinking and then i would recognize that this season as a stay-at-home mom is right where God has me. But, (keep following me, i promise i'll make this full-circle) when i was teaching i had kids hugging me, parents thanking me, students growing in their studies and work to show for it, i loved the way my classroom looked, and i knew (by the hours i put in and the fruit i was seeing) that I was doing my best to be a successful teacher. As a mom, my child barely says 'momma,' 'thank you,' or 'you're the best.' my husband is really good at affirming me through words and actions and thankfully so are my parents and in-laws. but, the affirmation of being valued as a teacher seemed so much more tangible. God forbid my pride take me back to my classroom for affirmation and may i truly be humbled knowing God has brought me and blessed me with the greatest & hardest job on earth of being a mom. May my focus be central on Christ so that my kids may follow.

you can listen here to Luke's message.

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Renee said...

wow! how relevant to me at this season- thanks for this kristen. helps me keep my heart in the right spot teaching. you are so right to admit and observe that teaching can become prideful. thank you for this insight