Monday, July 5, 2010

parades, mini wheats, & fireworks

this weekend was loaded with things that i love. i look forward [a lot] to parades. yes, call me cheesy or call them overrated- i love them. carter loves... mini wheats (random, i know) & i believe his affection for them grows daily. and this year i believe he actually saw the fireworks in the humid yet inviting chicago weather... so here commences our weekend- in great family fun form. i will allow the pictures to tell the stories.

he & ava enjoying donuts. [for inquiring minds, i have no shame in eating donuts, i Love them]

he & his gigi. she helped when carter thought he should be part of the parade, not just an onlooker.

the kid loved his flag. what can i say, he's patriotic.

carter sitting in this seat was short-lived but surely cute when he did. let's just say we're not at the 'sitting still' stage.

we were at a friend's condo and we found him with one of his latest favorite foods in the bedroom by himself. yes, i feed my child.

grams gave carter a bubble bath. how can you resist this face?

happy birthday America! take a look at that cake [wish i could take the credit for it!]

my two favorite people taking in the people watching & the fireworks downtown!

our family:)

this is the memory we will keep of Carter actually watching his first fireworks [last year he slept through them in his stroller] of course with uncle landon!

hope you had a great, meaningful fourth & weekend!

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