Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Spoken from the heart, well said.

In June, I read the book Carter & Luke got for me for mother's day. it's interesting, you hear about the president and his wife a lot. during campaigning you hear the good, bad, ugly, and even the uglier [the things that are brought up that people would never tell anyone]. then during their time in office you hear about their activities [at least the ones the media knows about] and the popularity polls etc. and then after they leave they are known by how the office of presidency and the country is left. I would say there's some legitimacy with that but i think there's so much more to know.

since i've married luke I have realized what it's like to be a pastor's kid {from his perspective} and a pastor's wife from my own perceptions. it does have it's perks but it also has a lot of interesting aspects to it that you can't really understand unless you've walked in those shoes. I think the president and his family's life is a lot like this although people don't just go to their church because they like it, some people have already voted against them before they walk in the door to the white house.... therefore, some people are already against them. but, these tidbits i have learned as a 'pk' {pastor's kid} and 'pw' {pastor's wife} allowed me to read with a different point of view than some readers, at least that's what I think. I tried to read as if I was going to hear about the walk - she - laura bush took in her shoes and then I would decide what I thought.

these are my thoughts.
- her life growing up was interesting and definitely allows you to understand the way she looks at the world.
- she really cares about libraries and the books that get into kid's hands. she did a lot in her time as the first lady of texas and of our country to make sure that students were reading. as a teacher I totally appreciated that.
- she told about the christmases' at the White House, the themes she chose, the parties they had, and their yearly christmas card. holidays are a big deal to me so i totally appreciated these details:)
- she was deeply affected by 9/11 and the sending of troops to Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.
- She supports her husband to this day and they seem to really be important to each other. love this.
- the most substantial thing I learned from the book was her attitude about busy-ness. She & George could honestly say every minute that they were busy, they could complain about it and twitter or update their facebook status about how tired they were... but they didn't. She seemed to thoroughly enjoy every minute and every place that they ventured, not to say times weren't tough or she wasn't ever emotional. it taught me that even the most busy people in the world have a choice to make: am i going to make others emotionally pay for my busy-ness?

that's everyone's thing, right? oh my gosh, i am so busy. are you, come on really, are you busy?! i am guilty of this too, maybe it's a lame soap box, i don't know. but, i think there are a lot of people who are busy and who could say that they are busy but choose not to say anything about it. and then i've had people tell me that they are busy and when i ask with what they tell me and it's a really sad sob story because the least thing they are is busy. ok, i'm not saying this to be mean, i'm just trying to get this singular point across. : we each have a choice, i think laura bush is a great example of the best choice we can make, life has taken me to this particular path [fill in the blank with where God has brought you: school, working- in a job you love, a job that pays the bills, or a job that stinks, being a stay at home mom - lots of things to keep up with but you get to be with your kids all the time, or ...] and your choice is to take it by the reigns and say hallelujah this is where I am and i am going to do my best with it and go for it or i am going to make everyone around me know that i'm busy and my life sucks. hmmm... i think this is starting to be a soap box.

so... I'll leave with this. I think my grandma said it best {we gave her this book for her birthday] a story of a classy lady with a life well lived. I would recommend it:)
flippin the pages of my next book,

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