Wednesday, April 28, 2010

monkey bread

i love monkey bread. i love my entrusted group. i love my birthday [which is tomorrow]. call me a dork but i also love birthday snacks... i even brought them last year to my 2nd grade classroom... they're necessary...haha. [why do i crack myself up?]

so anyways, today i brought monkey bread to my entrusted group as my birthday snack. [see how it all fits together?]

but, last night... that's the funny part. i had been out with some of the pastors wives and I came home knowing that before I went to bed I had to make monkey bread for the morning. So, I made it, preheated the oven and put it in. but, twenty minutes into it ... mind you i was home alone... i went into the kitchen and it was filled with smoke... so like any normal human, i looked in the oven to see if the monkey bread was burning... no.

twenty minutes left to cook.... what do i do? sigh. my whole house is filling with smoke, is it gonna burn down, is it gonna explode [the oven that is], am i going crazy... what do i do? the fan, the fan... you know, in the microwave.. start that... ok did that.. still smoke. ten minutes left... ok, it's done... take it out of oven. plop on plate.... put dishes in sink... go upstairs.

what do you know? whole house filled with smoke. pray that house won't explode. kind of sleep. then, wake up to a house not full of smoke, not burnt down, with my lovely monkey bread on the kitchen table... ready for me to take to entrusted.

smoke i think was related to grease in oven... my project for today. pray the house won't burn down.

so, i hope you're laughing out loud with me... this was hilarious... glad i got my monkey bread out of it:)

the almost 24,

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The Catheys said...

haha...glad everything worked out and that monkey bread look quite Yummy:) Happy birthday tomorrow!