Tuesday, April 27, 2010

sorry i'm late...

Luke has continued the happy series on Sunday nights... last monday got crazy quickly and yesterday this little baby inside me decided that we should lay on the couch all day... so... here we are a day late and not really a dollar short but... you know what i mean...

The scripture he's preached from comes from: Matthew 5:5-6
Blessed are the meek,
for they will inherit the earth.
Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
for they will be filled.

two weeks ago he co-preached with landon. they talked about low-self-esteem & high self-esteem and how neither are good. We should instead look to Christ and find esteem in him. this shows up in so many ways in our lives doesn't it? i know for a lot of high schoolers it has to do with appearance, academics, and activities... or at least I would say those are the main things... turning our attention toward Christ can only come from asking for the spirit to lead our every move and from being in the Word.

Which leads to this weeks message. none of us really know what hungry or thirsty means in this country. i mean seriously, we want food or a drink and we go to our fridge, the nearby fast food joint or even the local grocery store. if we aren't getting the food fast enough, [that is within five minutes] we complain we are hungry. but, what does it mean to hunger and thirst for righteousness? i didn't totally get the definition written down but it was something like this: to have a strong, driving force/passion that you can't deny for God. But what are the ways to get it???? humble yourself and ask.

the story that Luke told at the end was simple yet profound, so let me share a paraphrase with you: it was about this army in world war II and they hadn't drank any water for about three days. by three days your body gets to the point that it really needs water. They were finally marching upon a huge lake where they were going to be able to get water. But, the captain said that those injured and those who were going to stand guard were to get water first... all the rest had to wait until those had gotten it first. they stood there so close to the water and yet didn't take a drink. isn't that like so many of us, we look upon God's Word knowing it's the only thing that's going to satisfy our thirst for Christ and yet we allow it to collect dust on our nightstand. how dare we? why would we even think about doing that?

now sharing very personally... i've been convicted probably for a month now about changing when I read the Word. it probably got done 4/7 days and there really wasn't an excuse other than the fact that I was doing what I wanted to do and then reading the Word.... not prioritizing my most important relationship for the beginning of the day. We had gotten a strong Word last weekend from Revelation and it really pushed me to the point of change. Also, as I looked through my journals and recognized how much time i used to spend with God as a 15 year old and how much I spend now, simply stated.. i was embarrassed. the amazing part of God is that there's room to grow. I'm thankful for it... just like the buds springing up in my front yard I'm trying to do the growing with God's help so I can become more like Him.

unconcisely yours,:)

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