Monday, April 19, 2010


God's grace is amazing, isn't it? that's what I thought of as I paged through the dozens of journals left at my parents house. these weren't just 'dear diary's' they were real prayers and real scripture I was learning.

the vivid memory of getting on a coach bus along with 50+ other students in July of 2001 on our way to Oklahoma is outstanding to me. I wasn't quite sure why I was on this trip other than to help people and do the right thing... But, God changed my life that week. Our youth pastor spoke every night (after a long days work) and we learned from God's Word in a fresh NEW way. It was like my pastor and I were sitting there and he was speaking directly to me about my situation. We also worshipped and I remember thinking that I had never had such a strong desire to worship the one and only King.

Whenever I have shared my testimony this trip is always included... but if I hadn't looked back at these journals I wouldn't have realized what God had done in my life so drastically. Although I had grown up in a Bible-believing home I had never studied and searched the Scriptures for myself... that year I read through the Bible and Christ revealed himself to me through His Word as he always does.

I don't write this post to say, I'm so great for writing these journals, but rather the opposite. Greatest is the ONE AND ONLY who changed my life forever and has taught me his faithfulness, his LOVE, and that true satisfaction only comes from knowing HIM. To HIM be ALLLLLLL the Glory!

Also, a great reminder that prayers get answered and what seems so urgent now... God knew all along. He is Awesome, He has changed MY LIFE, and by HIS grace... I'll never be the same.

only by HIS GRACE-

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