Thursday, April 22, 2010

So Long, Insecurity you've been a bad friend to us

One of the best blogs I have on my google reader is the living proof one! Don't get me wrong, I like Beth Moore but I think that the way that she and her daughters communicate thru it is truly humble, sincere, and Godly. If you don't read it, you should... click here!

I began reading this book, judge me if you want;), about insecurity... thinking that I wasn't super insecure. But, um well... I finished this book not only knowing that I am full well insecure BUT that through the grace of God I can crawl out of that insecure shell.

The whole book would take me like a whole year to write about because I learned so much. Some of it is way to personal to share here, but those are the deepest scars that make you realize, wow, it's amazing I'm this way and God knows that and still loves me. But, I wanted to share two things.

First, is the chapter about false positives. She defines a false positive as this: the one thing that would make you more secure in all things. This is so....... true in so many ways in our lives because we always think that something else can make us happy and as soon as we have it.... guess what, something new pops up. The interesting thing about it is the false positive that you think is true in your life is what you think will make everyone else happy too. But, quite the contrary is true. Yes, some of us might have similar false positives but it's mostly different for all of us. This was earth shattering news for me. She describes it oh so clear, and the holy spirit knocks you right through the head with conviction... in a good way... after all you're reading the book in order to become more aware of your insecurity, right?! but, yes this was so good for me to read, understand, and think through.

Secondly, I loved the down-home genuiness that comes with her writing. Praise God for the way he has used such a willing person that has been through a lot (she shares so many personal experiences) so that a woman like me can find truth in a culture that cultivates lies even in our own homes... Every time I started to get convicted and then start justifying the lies I believed... it was refreshing to hear that she was in the same process and that her personal testimony reflects it. At the end of the book she talks about how she feels like she's walked through a get to the end of the book. I can relate... it's taken me a long time (my original plan was to stay with the discussion blog and although my intentions were good I made only one or two posts) and I've really been changed. I don't think that I am going to be secure in every situation that I used to not be secure in... but I also believe that with God's strength, He's going to bring me to a place where I realize my insecurity and bring it to him instead of walking the way I always have.

After all Proverbs 3:26 says, "The Lord is your security, He will keep your foot from being caught in a trap."

I believe this was a true life-changing book. Would you read it? It will bless you x 1 million if you do... in a heart-attitude-shift/transformation sort of way.

signed by the more secure- only by God's grace-

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