Sunday, February 21, 2010

and Valentine's day continues...

I have love on my mind today. luke and my Valentine's date got rearranged for this weekend.. so to say that we're anticipating it is an understatement. we are a couple that has our ups and downs, FOR SURE but i do still get antsy to go on a date with the love of my life. just before valentine's day Luke shared this love song with me by David Barnes... take a listen

God Gave Me You

last week Luke preached a message on love and waiting for a relationship that God will bless rather than pushing high school romances. but to begin the message he showed some pictures of us in high school. i have to admit i was slightly offended when all the kids started laughing... I'll admit it's funny... but that funny...? Well, you can make your own judgments... this is us then....

This is me the night of our very first date... 8 years ago.

This was us on a date our junior year of high school:)
and now...

Happy Sunday!

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