Monday, February 22, 2010

thirsty- part uno.

this week we had a special guest. yep, super cool! his name is Chris Maragos (his brother Troy works at Harvest) and he was the starting safety at Wisconsin this year. Take a look at this clip to see who he is!

as you can see from that interview Chris takes every opportunity to use the talents that God has given him as a pedestal for Christ. Some of the key things that he shared at our group were that the things that he kept using to satisfy him before Christ were 'functional savors.' He said the things that he wanted wouldn't satisfy and the better he got the higher the level or standard that he needed to satisfy him kept rising. Choosing the things of the world never satisfied him.

Then Luke opened the Word to Isaiah 55. He used an illustration with cups that had holes in the bottom of them. He poured water in them and obviously the water came out the bottom because that's how the things of the world satisfy us... so temporarily. You get nothing back from those things no matter how much you pour in.

Main Point: Your soul will always be restless and want something more until you put all your trust in the Lord.

Usually what we're chasing after fits in one of these three categories:
- something you're trying to do
- something you want to be
-something you want for yourself

There is a desire at our core to earn love from Christ. We can't earn it, He gives it to us freely. But, we have to run to him to satisfy us .... He is more than all we could need.

Thinking back I can remember what I needed to satisfy me in high school. to this day I run to things of the world to satisfy me - they're different than those things in high school but they're still distractions from Christ. It is not until I dig into God's Word daily that I realize there is nothing that can fill me up more... not my husband, not my son, not my friends, not material possessions, not the most fulfilling job...CHRIST ALONE.

may GOD bless you today-

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