Monday, November 16, 2009

how to shout without screaming - session 1

my amazing husband started a new series last night that we are both super excited about. per the title of this post it's called -how to shout without screaming. if you have any spiritual background at all i think you can probably grasp what we're going for. it was a great (yet always convicting) message last night along with worship which was less than normal (with many students part of the band using random instruments- super cool!).

so... the intro talked about how a lot of times people think of Christians like a car alarm.. they can't wait for them to stop talking about their faith rather than how they can be more like their faith. therefore, it's less about what we say and more about what we do.

we then jumped head first into Daniel 3:8-20 (if you've never done the Beth Moore study on Daniel- it's a must!!!). If you haven't read this story before it's truly amazing. God shows up in a only-like-God-can way.

The message was about Courageous Obedience. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were a great example of this when standing up (literally) to Nebuchadnezzar.

3 ways we can do this practically:
1. radical honesty
2. exceptional effort.
3. intense standards

Bottomline: people pay attention and love saying that Christians are hypocrites, so prove otherwise with your life.

My Conviction: This week I am going to reach out to our neighbors. I feel like we haven't done that since we moved in and there's no good excuse. So, I'm going to make pumpkin bread and bring it to them and see what happens. What are you going to do to Radically Obey Christ this week? I would LOVE to hear.

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