Monday, November 16, 2009

the life of Carter just got that more exciting...

Yep. it's true, Carter Jude MacDonald is officially crawling and pulling himself up. this kid is full of tricks. here's the latest developments:
Friday: i had given him my old cell phone to play with because he is obsessed with mine. he figured out how to turn it on (don't worry he's not a genius, it's just holding down a button) and then proceeded to call his grandma who was in Israel. Hmmm... maybe he missed her. yep, cute story.

Saturday: well, in the a.m. he decided to pull himself up in his crib and cry for us to come get him. Luke's twitter revealed this because I was still cozy and sleeping in our sweet bed. slightly disappointed yet thankful for the sleep i knew he would do this trick for me (hopefully sooner rather than later).

Sunday: after eating breakfast Carter was a bit fussy so I set him down on the rug in our family room to go make him a bottle. all of thirty seconds later he had pulled himself up by the tv stand (yes, we're dying to get a new one... so if you have one you'd like to donate (;)) feel free to). My camera was right there so I took this picture:

and then when he saw I was taking a pic (of course when my camera decided to turn off) he looked at me and smiled (as if he was working the camera). hilarious.

but... this was not all. Luke and I were chillin on the couch sunday afternoon and he picked up luke's wallet that was on the floor and decided to take out each of his cards. what was in his hands first but the debit card. smart kid, indeed. :)

(how could you resist that smile, be sure not to mark down the numbers of our card;)

thought you'd enjoy a little update on this growing little cutie of ours.

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