Monday, October 19, 2009


on one of the last nice fall days to actually be out...

we decided that we would venture to the lincoln park zoo. it's Carter's first time to go to a zoo & it was so much fun! Luke and I have both been to that zoo on other occasions but i forgot how cool it actually was to see that many animals... Carter didn't really 'get' how cool it was but it was fun to make the memory (even if only for ourselves) anyways. fun pics to reveal too!:)this is the first animal we saw... snow leopard. of course, when i wanted to take a pic he would only show us his behind. penguins.... i LOVE penguins. why? not so sure. but this friendly guy swam right by us! one of the only animals that was close enough for Carterman to actually see. Yeah for penguins!This is Carter's hand compared to a polar bear's hand. Isn't that crazy?! *FACT* Polar Bears are only 1 lb. when they are born! I love this little guy so much. we had fun to say the least!Can't get more handsome than this duo;)This is a grizzly bear. yep, just chillin.
Our fam. great day full of memories.
Flamingos. Ok, so i've never thought these animals/birds (what are they?) were cool until i saw them today. they can stand on one leg like it's nobody's business and they are pink. now, i really like them.

Happy family fun day to you! What are some fun things we can do indoors for ffd* that are creative... it's probably gonna be too cold from here on out. Ideas?!

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Rochelle said...

soo cute! love the pics. yeah for you guys getting out there and making memories as a fam! i don't have kids yet so my stories aren't quite as exciting, but it's been fun to get out and just take pics of the trees, go on walks, breathe in the fresh/crisp air, and maybe this wkd go for a bike ride on the fox valley trail! we'll see. it might be too cold by then. glad you guys had a great time! :)