Monday, January 13, 2014

turning a new page

in the last three days the mister has preached five times.  five times to present God's Word without apology for God's glory and for people to flood to their knees to grow closer to Jesus.  Opportunities not to pass up for sure and more than that people are going to heaven because his obedience to share the gospel.  Amazing.  I never want to grow apathetic to hearing people's eternity changed because of their decision to turn from their sin and obey Christ.  That's just down right awesome!!!!  

one of his preaches was at the 20's ministry on friday night.  the weather conditions weren't necessarily cooperative but here in chicago, not much stops people.  he preached on authority in our life... the gist being
 'when i honor my authority, i honor jesus.' 
simple but not always the easiest.  the scripture that I'm trying to be mindful of is... Colossians 3:23 'whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working at it for the Lord and not for man.' 
it was a good reminder that the three little lads that reside under my authority are going to follow my example.  gulp, big responsibility.  

three of the other preaches were at the weekend services on the rolling meadows campus of our church, in fact, you can listen/watch his message here . It was from 1 Peter 2:1-3 titled Grow Up.  My favorite part of the message was that 
'Grown Ups desire God's best.' 

he gave examples about how often we let the substitutes just 'cut it' rather than really longing for the Word that God has so graciously given us.  Even more than that disciplining ourselves to be in His Word and then seeing God change that discipline into desire and the desire into delight.  

I can look back at times in my life where i truly longed for God's Word in my life.  Often, it came with a trial and the Word was the thing that I could put my feet on and know that I was standing on a rock... but when I look back over the last 5 years {our firstborn is turning five in less than a month, yeesh time flies!} i find that I've tried to allow the substitutes to cut it or in other words let the excuses over power of discipline.  My goal for this year is to wake up at a set time and get in the Word. 
no more excuses,
no more i'm tired... {i've got kids, of course i'm tired!}
less with the selfishness more with the let's turn a new page!

the encouragement i've received on the days I've chosen his Word over what I would have otherwise has always won out.  

Trusting the Lord that this year is going to be different,

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