Sunday, January 5, 2014

to my dad

This was a letter I wrote to my dad for his birthday tomorrow.  Thought I would share.  SO grateful for him...

January 3, 2014
Dear dad,
Today we celebrate your 60th birthday.  Wow, you’re getting old… just teasing. But really, I’m almost half your age and if that’s any indication of how fast time flies I’m sure you still feel young!   The calendar pages keep turning and each new day you, uncommon and in a class of your own have taught me new lessons.  No it wasn’t the ‘here’s how you ride your bike’ lessons where you learn and I know how to do it forever, it was the ‘principal lessons’ that stick out the most…

like put your head down and work hard and do your best.

Or when you’re running, put one foot in front of the other and just keep moving, it doesn’t matter the speed, just that you’re moving, you’ll build your endurance.

Or to love Jesus & Live for Him fiercely.
Know His Word & look to Him for all things.

Or Trust God.  He knows and sees and isn’t phased by the circumstance that’s hardest right now.

Or love your family well. Laugh often &
don’t forget to tell them daily…’I love you.’

Oh gosh… now I’m in tears as I write because I know that my experience is rare.  It’s rare to have a dad who loves you, provided for you above and beyond, who loves the Lord, who still loves and pursues your mother, who serves faithfully at their church {among many other things}.  And who lives out the faith they say they believe.

Dad, I’m thankful for you, for the example you set and the lessons you’ve taught me with your life.  They weren’t words you said although your words mean much to me and they weren’t merely single experiences… it’s the compilation of 60 years that says it well.

I think that when you’re in ministry you see lots of amazing things and lots of hard things… and if there’s anything it gains you it’s perspective.  Thus I’ve seen how often I should count my blessings rather than bemoan my hardships.  God truly blessed me when he made you my earthly father.

As I reminisce, my mind is racing… what story to recall & a few come to mind.
… taking walks and just chilling on the beach in Destin!  Along with ‘late night’ {as a kid} swims in the pool!
… the many times you teased me growing up… case & point: NICK SCHHHHUUULLLLOOO.
… growing up you would always, always, always put Tony Catchetories seasoning on nearly every meal.
… picking out my purple bike that was a birthday present!
… When you took my friends and I to a school dance in junior high and you told us not to be ‘wall flowers.’
… Indian Princesses… Hahahaha!  Be it our names or our ’camp experience’ with that crazy horse.  That was a ’dad trying to love his daughter’ experience.
… Camp Paradise… I will never forget being so stinking cold while showering there… you getting the bucket and the water drizzling out.  Fun memories with Ted & Summy-bummy-bimster-bim…
… Going running with you around Lake Charlemagne & I can still hear you instructing me to just keep going, the speed doesn’t matter. J
… The Barbie Cards… when I would (possibly) excel at a soccer game you would reward me.
… When you took me shopping so I could be well-dressed at Cedarville.
…. Our fun ’daddy daughter date’ to Chipotle & Bethany Dillon Concert between my freshman and sophomore year of college.
…. When we were waiting to walk down the aisle at my wedding you told me you were proud of me… it meant a lot but I didn’t want to start crying so I said, lets just stand silently! Haha that was very memorable!
… When you held Carter for the first time and you said, ‘this is a strong kid.’  Boy, were you right.
… Whenever we have told you we were pregnant, you always congratulated Luke!  Funny to meJ
… Watching you as a grandfather is so sweet & how my boys know that if Pa is coming over they automatically get to wrestle.

There’s much more that I could say, but I think at the end of the day it’s just that I love you and that I’ve been blessed to be your daughter and to learn from you.  Thanks for setting the bar high but always letting me know I was loved along the way.

Love forever & always,
Kristen Ginger

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