Friday, August 17, 2012

a.p. life

about three years ago Luke had a vision to start a summer leadership program for the 'about to be senior' students of our youth group called a.p. life.  it's a program that the students apply for and they memorize scripture, read & discuss books that will grow & challenge them.  They also meet with people from our church {most of whom} are not in ministry but rather are doing work they feel called to do outside the 'ministry field.'  Some of which include: doctors, lawyers, and business owners so that the students can see that they don't have to 'be in ministry' to live their lives for Christ but rather to be lights in the world no matter what their job.  these are the kids in our youth group who have already decided that there's no turning back... that they want to live surrendered to Christ.  

last night was our last {weekly} meeting.  their last 'assignment' was to write a paper that shared their story & included the five components of the gospel & how it intersects with their life.  Each student read their paper out loud.  It's amazing to hear nine individual stories (we missed a few of them the last night:() of how God reached out his hand to them and at a certain point in their life they understood their desperate need for a Savior: Jesus Christ.  It could have been with their parents when they were a young child, a retreat with church in Jr. High or a trip that we have taken as a high school ministry.  Each story God weaved from the beginning of time, orchestrating and using certain events in each of their lives with every detail mapped out, seeing that they would be drawn to Him and His amazing, matchless love.  

The glory goes to Christ for all He is doing at our church and in the high school & student ministries.  It was amazing to hear though these trips that we've gone on where we've sacrificed as a family or couple or just made adjustments in life to make them work and to hear that one students' life was changed..... all hassle or sacrifice was completely and totally worth it.  

to end the night Luke encouraged and challenged the students and then one of the students raised their hand and said, 'We're really grateful for you guys & can we end the night by laying hands on you and praying for you.'  Can you say blessing?  My mascara was smeared & jeans wet from the tears of joy and gratitude for these students' in our lives and I know that I speak for us both.  

We are believing this is going to be the best youth ministry season yet.  We are excited, encouraged, and fired up to ignite a passion for Christ in these students... or to get to play a part in that.  

and, for those of you who pray for us.... thank you.  we need it- just weak, earthly vessels here that can just offer Christ.  

thanks a.p. life, 
kg {& luke}


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