Friday, May 18, 2012

What's my part?

About two months ago I was given a book from a friend with this recommendation, 'you MUST read this.' Having never heard from her a recommendation like that & another dear friend of mine blogging about reading the same book in record time I figured I better get my butt in gear and read this book: ( drum roll please...) Kisses for Katie.

 I can't guarantee that you will feel good about yourself after reading it, or that you won't cry, or that you won't be thinking about it days after finishing it...

But, it's about Katie, an eighteen year old girl who felt called to go to Uganda and ended up staying there and starting a ministry called amazima & adopted 14 girls of her own along with doing ministry as everyday life to a village that desperately needs physical help but also are spiritually hungry and have the same need we all do...a Savior.  She is sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with these people and loving them like he does & they are noticing it!

I will be honest and tell you that the first day of reading it I was like... 'You've got to be kidding me, I feel so ashamed of my lifestyle and feel like I could NEVER do what she does.'  But by the end of the book (truthfully the second chapter) you can see that she was called to this, but more importantly that her deepest desire to obey Christ.  And she is willing to give up everything and do as she feels like God has asked - truly whatever that means because she feels like disobedience is way worse.  Her story brings so much glory to God!

At the end of the book I was also thinking that I need to play a part in all of this... I don't know what that means exactly... But I do know that there is a great need & that by Gods grace this girl is doing her part & I need to do mine.

I think one thing that was really powerful throughout the book was the thread of prayer.  She had committed to her parents that she would spend one year in Uganda and then come back to the states and attend college.  So she honored her parents and came back for six months to take a semester of college only to buy a one way ticket back after knowing that she is truly called to this new life.  She recorded in the book and in the journal entries (included in the book) that while she was back in the States it was hard to pray as much as she had because she didn't 'need' anything.  If she needed comfort she could go talk to her parents or boyfriend or if she needed something at the store she could waltz in and spend as much as she needed to get exactly what she desired or.... things of the like.  Where as in Uganda she NEEDED to pray.. whether it was food, or for a healing, or for wisdom she was always on her knees giving it to Jesus because she had no other option.

Not so coincidentally this coincided with the period of time when my own kids were sick.  It brought me to my knees a lot.  But I have to say & ashamedly so, now that they are doing better I haven't been on my knees as much.    I loved her heart for pray and her example of complete obedience to the Lord.  I believe you should read her story too!

happy reading,

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