Thursday, May 24, 2012

what we've learned.

{i got this idea off of another blog that i follow}

Stuff we've learned over the past nearly five years of marriage. I can't believe it's been five years. I can't believe i graduated college four years ago. And Luke three and a half. We often get asked our story and the fact that we met almost eleven years ago makes both of us feel old.
So the first thing we've learned is that time flies.
But also :
It's totally worth it to invest in a keurig.  Luke totally makes my coffee (heavy on the french vanilla creamer & sugar) perfectly, better than i can myself.
Luke is a morning person, he wakes up with the kids {most days}, I'm more of the night owl.  
I'm the silly one, especially with the kids.  Luke throws his dry humor in there and at this point I'm the only one who understands it at our house, but I laugh hard at him every or most days.  Thank God.   
I make stacks of stuff.  Luke likes leaving little droppings of things everywhere around the house to make sure he knows I love him and am committed to serving him. wink. 
Our house looks 'lived in' & that's ok.   
Luke likes good food and I have improved in my cooking abilities. {can we get an amen?!} When Luke's critiquing my food and says, 'not bad,' that's not good.
The art of holding your tongue by both.
The art of taking walks with children in tow and still having an enjoyable time. 
Luke is really good at using big words.  
Kristen has to ask what the big words mean or use google. 
Hiring a handy-man is a good thing.
We're better at fighting fair. 
Luke's better at apologizing.
If I bring Luke home an Arnold Palmer he is a happy man. 
Air conditioning > sweating.  Thank God we live in this century. 
Luke knows that giving cards on special occasions is a Really Big Deal.
Trials really make you stronger.
Praying together is unifying.
Ministry is the right decision for our family.
Our family's daily happenings may be different than others and I've has become ok w/ that.
There's less fights in the car if Kristen drives. 
We can be a one car family.
Say what you mean and mean what you say.
Honesty is the best policy.
Luke has learned that Kristen should Never wait until she's starving to find a place to eat.
Ice cream makes things better.
We love our city, the people here and our church. 

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