Tuesday, April 24, 2012


lately, i've been thinking a lot about perspective.

come think about it with me.

today, i was getting my kids loaded in my car after bible study and one of my friends and her son came to help me. this particular friend's husband works with cars so they drive demos around and their cars are always clean and they take very good care of them... the dad has to sell them.:) Every time this friend's children look in my car {particularly the back seat} they say, 'wow, it's really dirty in there...' and i laugh every time.

it's perspective. they always drive newer, clean cars. the child isn't being mean, he's just expressing what his perspective has taught him.

i don't know about you but in 'stay-at-home mom' land or in 'pinterest' land or in 'got a new catalog that i'm drooling over' land or even in 'mundane regular life' land we can get in that ugly land of self-pity.
the reasons
life is sooooo
almost, too hard.

where my story can beat yours,
because #winning obviously means my day was worse than yours (sarcasm intended),
or that my life is harder than yours,
and that if i have to drop in a few exaggerating tales in the mix to make it sound a little better or worse {for that matter} then so be it....

and usually it takes a situation that's not so pretty to get our eyes on the people who could choose self pity and choose Christ instead.
whose story makes your jaw drop and your eyes tear up,
and where you start looking at how great your day actually was.

i've heard four stories recently - that i can think of off of the top of my head - that would make most people either forget their problems or make their problems feel miniscule.  And when I see them trusting in Christ I believe that the only appropriate response on my part is to trust Christ too.  You may say that's too simple or too cliche but i think it's that simple.  Easy? no.  that simple, yes. 

perspective is an interesting thing, a thing that i haven't totally figured out. I do know however that i don't want to walk through life seeing situations from a skewed lens but one that makes me look at Christ and trust Him regardless of what I can see & know and trust that my God has something better on the other side. 

tuning into a new perspective,

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