Monday, March 12, 2012


today we headed to this fun bowling place for family fun.

the last time we were here reid was young enough to be in the baby bjorn but this time he actually loved the bowling and of course the fruit we ordered... this kid loves healthy food so much that i had to pull him away from the fruit bowl in order to bowl.

gotta love strong wills.

but none the less he looked so stinkin' stellar in his too-big-for-him but smallest size bowling shoes.

carter liked watching scooby doo and pushing the ramp in daddy's way.

as if to say we had a perfect experience... let me not forget to tell you that carter had a tantrum, reid pooped his pants and reeked the joint up, and reid carried the fruit from his already mentioned fruit bowl all over the alley as if to make it sticky central.

we always get home from these events and say 'that was fun, right?! i'm glad we did that, we're doing this parenting thing right, right?' sometimes being a parent is confusing, it's always exhausting, and sometimes fun. we know these family fun days are memories in the making and we will for sure have stories for them....for years to come.

thankful to be parents but goodness this job is hard,

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