Monday, March 12, 2012

hs ministry. sunday nights. family. & prayer.

yesterday was daylight savings... oddly enough my second born was up at 4 as if to inform us.... he has been under the weather so i went in to check on him to make sure we didn't have another vomitting episode {we've had two in the last month where i find him covered it in the morning.. yea... good morning puke, nice to see you...} however, he was just awake, so after cuddling a bit with him i put him back down and although he wasn't initially thrilled he fell back asleep. Oddly enough he slept in until 8:45 in which i had to wake him up to go to breakfast with out of town relatives... go figure.:)

we came home and played outside... took a walk in the wagon... oh and i took this picture...
seriously.. they are the cutest buddies ever.

if i had gotten paid for how many noses i wiped yesterday i would be rich. i could see that what Reid had last week was seeping into Carter's immune system... no good. He had a good nap but it seemed like we were headed for an evening of lethargicness... not one to spend with anyone else but mommy.

but, sunday night is ministry night. but sometimes, i mean always you have to make the best call for your family. there will always be another ministry night.... there won't always be a sweet, cuddly, lethargic carter that just wants his momma. so i stayed home. i prayed a lot about and for the students and the night and because it was out of the norm i soooo wanted to be there. but knew that the tug of war of doing the hard thing is usually the right thing.

and did i have things to pray for ... i got three texts in the 5-6 p.m. range of people in pain, hurting, persecution. Lord, we need you.

to finish out a prayer series Luke preached out of a boat....

and then they bused the students to different local high schools and had them worship
and pray in the parking lots there.
i wasn't there but i believe that God used that.

i hope you had a good sunday and that you find yourself too in prayer today.... we can't carry these loads on our own...

matthew 11:30 'for my yoke is easy and my burden is light.'

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