Friday, February 17, 2012

a great day for a special lady.

my mom's birthday is today. happy birthday to her! being a mom is an awesome thing and every day that i am a mom i realize how amazing my mom is. the fact that she did what i do day after day after day and has hardly complained through the sacrifices and all... wow. she get's an A+ in my book.

i remember going to Guatemala after my senior year of high school on a mission's trip. I learned a lot on that trip but one of the main things was that God chooses your parents, the place you grow up, the siblings you have, and on and on for you... and at that i am so so grateful. God knew the mom i needed and he has allowed me a great relationship with her.

we love to shop together, laugh together. she has been a huge help with my kids, whether it's when they are born or on sunday nights when we need a babysitter. and not only does she help... she loves it. my mom has a strong faith that has carried her through many trials in life and has showed me that when you trust in the Lord, he really will make your paths straight. she exemplifies endurance to me.

my mom has been an example in her marriage too. she picked a great man (if i say so myself) and they have stuck together for almost thirty-seven years. and they still love each other. they go on dates and have been a tangible example for me a true love.

my mom loves her kids and would do anything for them. i can remember pleading with her for prom dresses that i 'needed.' she would figure out a way to make it work even if that meant scrimping on herself. she has gone to great lengths in order to be there for us and have taught us to love Jesus and that is the best legacy i could have asked for.

i want to shout to the roof tops that it's my mom's birthday today. because i love her. and she rocks. she's a great example to me.

happy 39th and counting. you look great lovely lady!

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