Tuesday, January 31, 2012

three looks good on you.

dear carter jude, happy birthday. today was a great day - we celebrated YOU! this year you've taught me so.... much. you've taught me patience (gosh, i never knew i needed to grow this much!), grace, forgiveness, and that a kiss always makes an 'ouchie-wa-wa' feel that much better. you have taught me to keep laughing when life hurts, to keep my eyes closed when i or you pray and you have helped me to think about the ordinary things of life again because they're all brand new to you. You've taught me the power of curiosity and the joy of playing hard. You've taught me about pirates, toys that like to play with Andy, and so many character's names ... i know more than i ever knew i wanted to.:) You've taught me that a beautiful picture is colored only with a few crayons and scribbles. You've taught me that there's no time to waste... on to the next thing. You've taught me that you love sleep-what a beautiful rarity. I don't mean to sound cliche but i could go on and on because i haven't even scratched the surface of what you teach me. As a mom i learn so much and quite frankly learn how little i thought i knew before. Thanks for teaching me so much and for being a refining tool in my life everyday to draw me to Christ. Thanks for being my pal. Life with you is that much better. love, your momma.

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