Wednesday, November 16, 2011

my second born.

Loves to be held.
A smile that melts my heart.
His best laugh comes from his brother.
You shake your head no when you mean yes.
You are a monkey.
Your speed is incomparable.

You seemed content and timid but now you love to shriek.
You like to do your own thing but also like stealing your brothers’ toys.
You are playful.
You are so so so curious.
You have little fear.
You’re tough.
You like to make yourself known… ever since you grunted as a baby.

You’re tiny-waisted.
You’ve got big feet.
Your fingers look like they have potential to play piano or basketball.
Your eyes are so so big.

You’re our reider, snakey, little brother (and at that rated the best in the house).
We love you mister.
Happy one year!
Your proud mama.

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