Friday, November 25, 2011

game on.

Recently Luke and I were talking with a friend. We were talking about ‘living on offense.’

Have you ever watched a game on tv and all they played was defense?
Like it’s your home team and they can’t get past midfield without having a turnover.
(to say the least)

I found myself thinking about the concept of ‘living on offense’ as I had a day at home (or shall I say, a day we didn’t leave the house). If you are unaware, let me fill you in. A day with an almost three year old and one year old at home all day feels endless … play with toys, put them away, eat food, make a mess, clean the mess, clean the mess you made to make the food and repeat about four hundred times. Endless.

But, if in my home I choose to live in defense mode of only doing the things I have to and getting mad when my kids are distracting me from the things I could wait to do at nap time, and choosing to be negative about the things that come in the mail, and the list is endless….

But living in offense means that I encourage my kids, teach them about God’s Word, show them God’s creation along the way of life, sit down and color even when things on the to-do list seem more important or build a tower that will get knocked over in T-21 seconds.

But, that’s the beauty, if living in offense would be easy everyone would be doing it… it’s a choice.

It’s using my time wisely but having time to do things that aren’t part of my plan, building into others, it’s planning dates with my husband so I get out of the house, it’s having playdates with friends that I laugh with and am encouraged by, it’s not taking myself too seriously and laughing sometimes when I could be crying. It’s a choice.

Do I make this choice daily? No. Do I want to more often? Yes. Can it happen after the day is half way over? Yes.

Why? Because playing defense all the time is exhausting.

Game on,

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