Wednesday, November 23, 2011

first let's celebrate thanksgiving.

another thanksgiving for the books.
another year to think about all that God has taught me, how God has been faithful, the abundance of blessings we have received (not even necessarily out of necessity).

last year i blogged daily in november about everything under the sun i was thankful for. i can remember thinking at that time being thankful that the period of waiting was over and the rejoicing of getting to hold our sweet Reid. that was a sweet time of thanksgiving when the smiles were abundant and the sleep deprivation didn't seem that bad. that was joyful thanksgiving.

when i think over this year... even as you read over some of the 'early in the year' blog posts this year has had it's highs and lows. i can honestly say that in the midst of both i have trusted God's faithfulness, but sometimes with tears, whys, and stomach aches of is there a point to this?

this thanksgiving i can say that there is. there is a point to the things you don't choose in life, the circumstances that blindside, the hardship of others, the pain in relationship, the sad days when you just don't 'feel it' because...

the other side of making it through and knowing that the hard days were the days when you felt like you couldn't keep going but God gave you the strength.

and you didn't know when or where the provision was going to come from and yet God came through and it was a provision only possible through Him.

you forgive in a relationship and God gives you grace to move forward even when there's things that are hard to understand.

the thread is God. and on the other side of hardship is thanksgiving. it's thank you for seeing what i couldn't and providing before i asked and knowing what i needed at each moment and giving me grace to just put one foot in front of the other so that i could live life that reflects that God's in control.

to me. that's true thanksgiving.
although i'm thankful for my family, our home, my church, the upcoming celebration of Christmas and the promises that it brings... i feel like i can't get to Christmas until i thank God on thanksgiving for all the ways HE CAME THROUGH this year.

God is good all the time,

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